View Full Version : Forum Outage for Upgrade 2/17-2/19

Tom Westbrook
6-Feb-2012, 11:15
There will be a Forum outage starting at 7:00am CST (GMT-6) Friday, Feb 17 until about 6:00pm CST Sunday, Feb 19 in order to upgrade the Forum software to vBulletin v4.

The LF Home Page site will also experience sporadic outages as we cycle web services as part of the upgrade.

If the outage extends longer than expected, I'll post a best guess time estimate on our outage splash page.

Henry Ambrose
6-Feb-2012, 11:51
Thanks for keeping this forum rolling.

6-Feb-2012, 11:58
Dang...I guess I'll have to spend the week-end photographing and printing!



6-Feb-2012, 12:00
Oh no... another long weeked of work for you guys. Hope all goes well!

Scott Knowles
6-Feb-2012, 15:56
I hope all goes well. Don't forget to put up a message (placeholder) Web page letting folks know. You never know what anxiety LF photographers go through when their favorite forum is off-line. The withdrawl symptoms aren't pretty and it helps to know when their next fix is coming.

Kirk Gittings
9-Feb-2012, 09:49

12-Feb-2012, 10:21
Coincidentially west-bound traffic (into San Francisco) on the Bay Bridge will be closed 2/17 through 2/21.


Atul Mohidekar
12-Feb-2012, 11:55
Thanks for keeping the site updated with the latest features offered by the forum s/w.

I sure hope they fix the basic search functionality to allow simple boolean operations (AND, OR, NOT) and usage of quotes like Google or eBay. Many people on this forum had expressed their concerns about the search capabilities of the existing s/w. Any idea if these enhancements are there?

// Atul

12-Feb-2012, 18:27
Hmmmm, maybe this is why I haven't been able to post an ad this evening

Tom Westbrook
16-Feb-2012, 04:48

Roger Cole
16-Feb-2012, 05:52
Ugh! And with my fiance out of town all weekend while I'm here alone, whatever will I do???

Oh yeah, right, get my butt down into the darkroom and print some of the backlog of negatives, and develop the 9 rolls and dozen or so sheets still waiting to be developed.

I appreciate the forum a lot, but this could be very good for my artistic productivity. ;)