View Full Version : lens board for Sinar F1

pierre salomon
20-Nov-2003, 22:44
I just ordered a used Sinar F1 to replace my omega 45D. I owned 3 lenses (A Symmar-S 210 Schneider, A Caltar 90mm with a recessed lens board and an old 127mm graphic kodak ektar). What type of lens board will fit the Sinar?



Henning Wulff
20-Nov-2003, 23:40
The Sinar lens board (5 1/2" x 5 1/2") fits, or a Linhof Technika 45 (3 3/4 x 3 7/8") and some others can be fitted via adapters. I use the Linhofs for size, portability and compatibility reasons. Best to dump the recessed board for the 90 and get a flat board of whatever type you need, unless you want to continue to use the 90 on that recessed board on another camera that needs it. If you intend to use a Sinar behind the lens shutter you need to mount the lenses so that the distance of the rear of the lens to the back of the (flat) lensboard is less than a certain amount; otherwise things are not too critical.

James Driscoll
21-Nov-2003, 07:23
The sinar only requires a recessed board for lenses below 58mm.

Stick with Sinar brand lensboards...the are machined to a higher tolerance than other brands....

Ted Harris
22-Nov-2003, 10:04
I don't want to start a war but ........

"Stick with Sinar brand lensboards...the are machined to a higher tolerance than other brands...." I find very difficult to accept. I think the Horseman brand boards are machined to the same tolerances as the Sinar boards. I can't speak for all the generic boards in this size but I am sure most of them are also machined to acceptable high tolerances. Sinar may want you think their boards are machined to a higher tolerance so that you will pay their higher prices.

Finally, once an acceptable tolerance level is met there is no sense in paying for anything beyond that. These are not parts for a super sonic transport and as long as they fit tight, they are trued, and no light leaks then all is well.