View Full Version : First 8x10 purchase. Chamonix or no?

Charles Trigiani
5-Feb-2012, 14:24
I am ready to purchase an 8x10 view camera and find e-bay to be full of overpriced old gear. It seems that Chamonix has a great line of well produced field cameras. Does anyone have any experience or advice for me?

5-Feb-2012, 15:07
I have an 810 from their first production line, and it's absolutely wonderful.
I use it heavily, and have had it for almost two years now with the only real signs of wear on the back from sliding in darkslides, the paint is beginning to wear down. (my camera is one a very few black models produced)

it has great movements and is both superbly light and rigid.

I purchased it straight from the factory, with no regrets. they're great to deal with.
I also purchased one of their saber cameras from the factory, which involved mailing my lens to china to be mounted to the camera, and I am super happy with it as well.

I have two friends who I've convinced to buy the 4x5 version, and they are both quite pleased as well.

as far as I'm concerned, the chamonix is almost unbeatable for the price.

5-Feb-2012, 21:33
I have a Chamonix 45n-2, the latest version, that I received in late 2011. It is very well built, rigid, and is quite a beautiful piece of work. It would be a bargain at twice the price. Highly recommended.