View Full Version : Anyone using MPP 4x5 plate holder?

5-Feb-2012, 07:13
I found some 4x5 MPP plate holders on the Internet. I need you experience, can I use it in modern monorail cameras (Sinar P, Cambo...) or just in old, wooden cameras?
Thank you for your help.

Pete Watkins
5-Feb-2012, 13:04
There could be problems. MPP did make inserts to adapt these holders to take sheet film, you need to keep your eyes open. Your other problem is that as far as I know MPP holders had a different register to every other manufacturers holders. The material that the camera is made of is of no consequense.
Good luck,

8-Feb-2012, 14:15
As Pete said, some of the early MPP cameras had a different register, as would the MPP plate holders.

I've also been told (may or may not be true) that wooden plate/film holders can suffer from warping if they haven't been looked after or improperly stored - some of the MPP stuff dates from the 1950s.