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4-Feb-2012, 11:04
I made up a little video showing how to make a pacemaker front standard reverse so that you can tilt your lens down, (for scheimfplug depth-of-field). Camera still closes up and functions normally. I'd heard mention of doing it, so I tried it, and it was very easy!


I'm thankful and a tiny bit inspired by Eddie's helpful videos. It's an easy way to share some good info that is hard to write about.

4-Feb-2012, 12:12
Interesting I used to do that at times.

I'm going one step further and have modified a Super Graphic front standard to fit. It nearly fits a pre-Anniversary Graphic as well a touch more grinding would do it. I just need to adapt to fit the Pacemaker bellows and make new bits to control the bits that lock the lens boards (I cannibalised to fix my Super Graphic).

BTW a Pacemaker standard fits all the Speed/Crown & Super Graphics.


4-Feb-2012, 13:07
It's amazing the combinations of ways to mix and match these cameras. The camera I used in the video is a WWII vintage Anniversary with a Pacemaker front standard, and a graflok back. If you use a pre-anniversary for the base, it'll be a nice lightweight camera, with the 1/10-1000 shutter unlike the pacemakers with their 1/30-1000 shutter.

4-Feb-2012, 15:11
Terrific, any downside to this mod?
Will I need to have a gun on my worktop to do this,or is that part optional?

Drew Bedo
4-Feb-2012, 22:58
View Camera Magazine published this mod asometime around 2002 or so. A later issue near then published a mod for front swing that involved a grinder. Anyone know what issues covered these chanes?

4-Feb-2012, 23:07
Camerquest web site (Steve Gandy) has quite a page or two on the graflex systems. He has one page that shows the final result of some of these modifications, including one to add tilt to the back of one of the Graflex cameras.


5-Feb-2012, 09:54
Note that you lose the ability to rear tilt, so that changng the cam in RTF Pacemaker Graphics becomes a problem.