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4-Feb-2012, 10:44
I'm interested in buying an used Super-Angulon 47 XL but the rear cap is missing.
Searching the Internet I found little to no information about this plastic piece...
The rear cell of the lens seems to be 63,5 mm wide. Sadly it seems that Schneider doesn't have any 63,5 caps to sell :
If you already have a 47 XL, could you tell me if there's a reference number on your rear cap and confirm that I really have to look for a 63,5 mm cap or rather a 65 mm one ?
Thanks for your help,

Don Dudenbostel
4-Feb-2012, 14:33
I have one but I have a soft material stuck over that area to keep it from maring the back element and can't pull it up without destroying it. B&H has been my source for caps. They probably have them or can sell you a generic cap.

5-Feb-2012, 06:03
Thanks Don for your answer,
I'll try to contact B&H to see if they have the cap I'm looking for.

Dominique Cesari
5-Feb-2012, 08:35
I presume that the numbers engraved inside the cap are 223/54 according to the Schneider's page dedicated to 47XL cap (https://www.schneideroptics.com/ecommerce/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?CID=1159&IID=7173). It also clearly states that the diameter of the cap is 63 mm and not 63,5 mm (which is the diameter of the rear cell).

5-Feb-2012, 09:34
Merci Dominique, exactement le renseignement qu'il me fallait !
I was unable to find such an information on the Schneider website.
Now it's clear, such a cap is widely available.

Jeff Keller
5-Feb-2012, 10:05
Try calling Schneider. In the USA:

A couple years ago their prices were comparable to B&H. They know which cap your lens needs.

Jeff Keller