View Full Version : Transporting Quickloads and Polaroid in a pack

Larry Huppert
1-Feb-1999, 23:13
I'm looking for advice on how other photographers are transporting Quickload and Polaroid 4x5 sheets in a backpack. Both (the Polaroid in particular) are somew hat fragile compared to standard film holders. I don't want to carry the Quicklo ad box as it takes up quite a bit of precious cargo space when you don't need 20 exposures. Has anyone found thin Rubbermaid containers which could do the job?

Ellis Vener
2-Feb-1999, 11:21
Larry, I use the Quickload boxes to carry both the QuickLoad films and the Polar oid film. even when backpacking. I looked at tupperware too but the pieces I saw took up more space than the Fuji box. If I know I'm only going to be making a c ouple of images I'll put both P'roid & QLs in the same box.

Rob Adams
2-Feb-1999, 19:12
//are transporting Quickload and Polaroid 4x5 sheets in a backpack.//

I use a quickload container with the top(side) cut off. I carry it in a domke pouch on my belt. Within the box, I have dividers to separate the film types. I also have a "box in back" of the domke pouch to hold "exposed" packets. Let me know if you want more info. I'll e-mail you a digital photo.


Rob Rothman
2-Feb-1999, 20:38
I tend to carry Quickload film in a ziplock bag. Individual sheets are flexible and easily damaged; however, if you put 20 or so sheets in one bag, lined up in a block, its stiff enough that I've never had a problem with damage. Better yet, using one of the large (I think its gallon size) ziplock bags, you can put in 40 sheets in 2 blocks of 20. This takes up almost the whole back and forms a nice rigid package.

Tony Brent
3-Feb-1999, 21:58
I found a small pack (purse -- ???) with a shoulder strap, and several pockets t hat lets me hold about a dozen Polaroid 4 x5 films -- just slipped loose into th e pocket -- the holder in an outside pocket, a small lightmeter (Gossen Luna-F) a couple of filters, and a note book.

If I am using sheet film, I can carry 3 Grafmatic magazines at one time, plus th e other items I mentioned.

The pack is about 7" x 10". I found it at a Bass Shoes outlet store. I think I p aid $15.00

Something similar ought to be available at almost any shopping mall.

PS -- I have not had any problem carrying the Polaroid films just slipped into t he pocket. I am just careful not to stuff it too full so it puts pressure on the m. There is enough room to carry the inner cardboard tray of Polaroid film if ne eded.