View Full Version : Ultra wide angle lenses on Field cameras?

Ellis Vener
1-Feb-1999, 22:24
What are your experiences with using ultrawide angle lenses on field cameras? Us ing a recessed Linhof Technika board I was able to use a 47mm (non-XL) Super Ang ulon on a Canham DLC. I did not check for movements, although it looked as thoug h some rise/fall or lateral shift (as well as tilts) is possible, as the lens di dn't produce a large enough image circle when focused at infinity to cover 4x5. waht are your experiences with different cameras & lens combinations? Has anybod y tried the 45mm or 35mm Apo Grandagon lenses?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
2-Feb-1999, 00:54

I did manage to use a Fuji 65mm on a 5 X 7 Wisner tech, but it weren't easy! It covered stopped down, but I didn't use adjustments as the camera was pretty well tied in knots anyway. It was a pretty "straight-forward" shot as such things go.

Rob Adams
2-Feb-1999, 19:16
//What are your experiences with using ultrawide angle lenses on field cameras? //

I use a 58mmXL on a Wisner Pocket Expedition. Works fine with the regular bellows. Just covers 4x5 with minor movements. Can get about 10mm of rise using the sliding lensboard. I agree with the previous response. When you get this wide, most shots are pretty straight on. Minor tilts and slight rise are all I ever use on it. The DOF takes care of most problems


Bob Salomon
2-Feb-1999, 23:47
We have people using lenses as short as the 35mm Apo Grandagon on the 45 Technikardan with the SPECIAL recessed Linhof board for the 47 and wider lenses.

There isn't just 1 Linhof recessed technika type boa