View Full Version : suggestions for a shutter release for a betax #4

18-Nov-2003, 23:18

the wollensak triple arrived the other day, and i now realize that the 1/2 dozen shutter releases that i have don't thread onto the outside of the "fitting". any suggestions what kind of release might have a throw long enough, and screw on the outside rather than the inside of the fitting?

thanks !

Jay DeFehr
19-Nov-2003, 02:04
Hi John. My Turner Triple has outside threads on the cable release socket, but it has interior threads as well. Have you tried to screw a regular tapered thread cable into it? If you're not as fortunate as I was, you can still find a vintage cable used. I don't know if anyone still manufactures them. Good luck.

David F. Stein
19-Nov-2003, 08:49
Yes, as far as I know, the Betax takes a "proprietary" shutter release-in search of them myself. GOOD LUCK.

Nick Morris
19-Nov-2003, 09:56
John, I have a Betax 4, and it has internal threads as well as external. I think I read that some may not have the internal threads, but I'm not sure. You may need a cable release with a long throw. Some of my cable releases do not have sufficent length when pushed to trip the shutter, but that can be adjusted on some releases. Good luck.