View Full Version : Mounting 305 G-Claron

18-Nov-2003, 13:52
I have a 305 G-Claron than I want to put into a shutter, but I seem to be having some difficulties. I've read that most of the G-Clarons fit directly into a Copal 1, but it would seem that mine has a slightly wider diameter. To mount it into a Copal 1 it requires a 40 mm thread, while mine comes in at 45mm. Are there any options I have without spending an arm and a leg? I'm thinking I may have to just keep using it as a barrel lens, or get a packard shutter, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

tim atherton
18-Nov-2003, 14:11
are you sure it's a G-Claron and not a Repro Claron?

18-Nov-2003, 14:14
I'm fairly sure. The barrel is engraved as a G-Claron. Other than that I have no way of telling.

Michael S. Briggs
18-Nov-2003, 15:08
Is yours quite old? -- what is the serial number? Perhaps sell this one and look for a newer one, which will probably be a direct into a Copal 1. Or use the money towards one that is already in a shutter -- that way you would already have the correct aperture scales.

Ernest Purdum
18-Nov-2003, 18:10
There have actually been two series of G-Claron lenses, quite different in many detail respects. You apparentl;y have one of the older ones which required a Number 3 shutter. I suspect that your cells would screw right into a #3, but am not sure that Schneider made identical cells for barrel and shutter mount.

18-Nov-2003, 19:22
It would fit a copal 3 but not directly. It would actually be about a centimeter too small, and so a part would have to me machined to make it work. would a step up ring greatly effect things if I used it on the copal 1 with the lens? The apeture scale probably would not be accurate, but how would the front and back elements being farther apart effect the image? I really would rather not sell it, as its still a very nice lens...I was just looking for ways to possibly fit it to a shutter w/o much stress and money. Thanks for any suggestions!

Ernest Purdum
18-Nov-2003, 19:34
Step-up rings would be a bad idea. Lenses are very sensitive to even small changes of spacing. A better idea would be to pick up an older large shutter and have adapter rings made to fit, and with the same spacing. Since you have the original barrel, calibrating the shutter diaphragm to match the original would be a small task. You might also consider the use of a behind-lens or in front of lens shutter.

Jim Galli
18-Nov-2003, 20:08
This one fits the Compur #2 the same as was used by the 240/420 convertible and the 165 Angulons as well as some others. Compur 2's are tricky. Some were 44mm, some were 50mm and the spacing between the cells differed between manufacturers. If you got lucky and found the 240 / 420 convertible Symmar you could share shutter between all 3 focal lengths as the size and spacing would be right for your 305. 150 f2.8 Xenotars go into this same shutter.