View Full Version : Super symmar XL 110 with Linhof mark

18-Nov-2003, 12:35
I was wondering whether the 110mm Super Symmar XL with Linhof marked on the ring was identical to one without. I've not come across this before and was curious. Many thanks.

Walter Glover
18-Nov-2003, 14:55
Prior to being engraved with the Linhof logo the lenses are tested to ensure that they meet Linhof's standards so it is nin fact a kind of quality assurance.

I don't think it means that lenses without the ingraving are necessarily inferior just that the ones with it meet a certain criterion. Myth and legend abounds concerning the 'pass rate' but I feel that only the expert opinion of a Bob Salomon would be in any way reliable.

Michael Heinrich
19-Nov-2003, 03:19
Hi here in Munich you can visit the Linhof Factory and see the lens controls. Rodenstock (also in Munich) and Schneider are sending lenses and Linhof workers are choosing the best ones . But the differences are very very small, in my opinion the 110XL is one the best lenses ever made (like the Biogon and the Technikar) and you probably can`t see any differences.

Michael heinrich


Frank Filippone
19-Nov-2003, 04:20
Can you tell us all how to contact Rodenstock and Linhof to arrange a plant tour? Address and Phone numbers too?

Witold Grabiec
19-Nov-2003, 09:40
Follow this link to Linhof's site and then click on Contacts for phone numbers and directions to the factory.