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30-Jan-2012, 05:28
Hello, I am looking for a lens for shooting 8x10 B&W. I have a Heliar 36cm which I love however not having a shutter has led to much wasted film. I'm looking for something that can replace this with a similar "feel" to the image but with a shutter. The weight of the lens is a bit of a drag on my old camera as well. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Ole Tjugen
30-Jan-2012, 05:40
In that focal length there isn't much choise - the 360mm Symmar convertible is even heavier than the 36cm Heliar. One possibility is a 355mm G-Claron, they are nice small(ish) lightweight (relatively) lenses.

In 300mm there's the "little brother" of the Symmar; the 300mm f:5.6. Or if you like the Heliar wide open there is Heliar 300mm f:4.5 or Schneider Xenar 300mm f:4.5; both fit in Compound #5 shutters (same size as the 360mm Symmar).

As you know, there are no lightweight fast lenses in shutters at these focal lengths: You can have light weight OR fast, not both. And fast lenses won't fit in modern shutters.

William Whitaker
30-Jan-2012, 08:05
14" Commercial Ektar

30-Jan-2012, 19:44
Thanks Ole. The G-Claron I have read a little bit about, and will look into that some more. Yes, I do like the look of the Heliar wide open, so I will consider the Heliar 300mm. Great feedback, thank you!

30-Jan-2012, 19:46
Thanks, will look around!

30-Jan-2012, 20:30
My 8x10 kit includes:
Nikkor SW 150/8
Nikkor W 240/5.6
Nikkor W 300/5.6
Nikkor W 360/5.6
Nikkor M 450/9

The 450/9 is the only 'small' one in the group. The others are rather large.
They all cover 8x10 quite nicely, with reasonably large movements available.

I could also suggest a Fujinon W 210/5.6, although I don't have that lens.

There are lots of 360mm lenses that cover 8x10, although not all of them do (notably the Nikkor T 360/8 does not).

- Leigh

Steve Hamley
30-Jan-2012, 21:32
14" Commercial Ektar


John Kasaian
31-Jan-2012, 08:14


John Kasaian
31-Jan-2012, 08:25
Other useful lenses to look for---
240mm G Claron
19" Goerz Artar
12" Dagor
Wollensak Ia
12" Wollensak Velostigmat
Ilex 375mm