View Full Version : Learning from Prints or Hagiography

Dean Lastoria
17-Nov-2003, 23:34
We have a great gallery around here called Presentation House in North Van that often has shows of BC photographers and international ones. They have a show on photography of the internment camps by a BC photographer named Frank and of Manzanar. Previously they had Lee Millerís original concentration camp photos (they donít just do morbid stuff by the way) and her image of an oven made me almost sick Ė very powerful. I was looking forward to seeing the St.Aís prints hoping to have some similar impact, but they didnít do much Ė they were ďdigital prints, Library of CongressĒ. I guess I was hoping for a vintage print. So, I guess what Iím getting at, the prints were very nice and all Ė far better than mine Ė but am I just a whiner, or did I really miss something. You know, like those people who see the real Mona Lisa rave, yet I canít be bothered?


Anyhow, good show and all. Itís just the hagiography of the thing.


Michael A.Smith
18-Nov-2003, 05:44
Although I am not particularly an Adams fan, I'd have to say that yes, you missed a lot by not seeing the real prints. What you saw were reproductions.