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Wally Hess
17-Nov-2003, 16:24
Not a question - I was out Sunday with my 5x7 Seneca view camera at the lakefront trying to take pictures between the rain showers. A photgrapher with the local newspaper apparently thought it strange enough to take my picture "peering through" it and is in the Monday edition of the Herald-Palladium newspaper up here in St Joseph, MI I will develop the photos tonight - Efke 100 film in Rodinal 1:50.


Jorge Gasteazoro
17-Nov-2003, 17:13
Is the Herald really printed with palladium? It must have one hell of a subscription charge...:-).

BTW the REAL caption below the pic read:

What the he**?!? doesn`t this fool know digital has been out for some years now??..

Just kidding Wally..:-)

David A. Goldfarb
17-Nov-2003, 17:59
Well, just be glad you live in a slow news kind of town!

Michael Kadillak
17-Nov-2003, 18:12
You must explain that "peering" technique to us. I for one would love to discard all of my cumbersome darkcloths.

Great News Item!

Walter Glover
17-Nov-2003, 19:39
Must say that from the perspective of one living half a world away it's nice to be able to put a face to the name.

David F. Stein
17-Nov-2003, 21:48
Congrats! Plus it will help you get any needed cooperation for your project-never hurts.

Jim Galli
17-Nov-2003, 22:15
Even better if they'd spelled your name right. The black Seneca's are handsome cameras.

Charles Hohenstein
18-Nov-2003, 17:50
Always good to hear about large format photographers in the neighborhood! I know that there are at least a couple here in South Bend.

N Gray
20-Nov-2003, 20:05
The image is no longer on the front page. But I found it here.


Great to see the cameras out and about.