View Full Version : Film loaded backwards in holder

eddy pula
28-Jan-2012, 19:21
Hello, a super rookie, who had just found his grandfathers speed graphic paid me to develope his first 12 shots. He had written down his exposures and dubious light readings, I figured they would be around 1-2 stops under exposed so I was going to push them so he had something to work with, when I opened up the holder to pull the film out I noticed he had loaded them emulsion side down. So I developed them for an extra 5 minutes not expecting much.
Predictably they were thin, but not nearly as bad as I thought they would be, underexposed and backwards, they were a couple that could be partially salvaged with PS. It was hp5, does the anti halation backing not stop as much light as I thought?

28-Jan-2012, 20:31
The effective density of the AH backing is twice what you observe looking at the undeveloped film.

That's because it attenuates light once as it passes from the lens to the back of the holder, and again, by the same amount,
as reflected light moves back to the emulsion.

Couple this with the fact that the back of the film holder is a flat black to start with, and it works pretty well even though its density is relatively low.

- Leigh