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28-Jan-2012, 17:45
I found two Zeiss Softar filters (I and II) in B50 Hasselblad mount.
I have sold my H'blad some time ago (i don't use flash with film, and i prefer to keep my beloved Pentax 6x7), so i have no lenses which can be directly fitted with those filters.
Nevertheless i'd like to test them, as i have found a few nice reviews. Some say that they are the second best: better than any other kind of filters, and inferior only to legitimate soft-focus lenses.
I have a few "true" soft objectives, but none with FL over 12"/300mm. I find that's too short a focal, for portraits on 8x10".
That's why i am thinking about adapting the filters to longer lenses.
While many longer focals are too big for a filter with 50mm diameter, i have a couple f/8 aplanats, and a couple convertibles, which should not vignette.
Unfortunately i found that there are plenty of step-up and step-down adapters to use threaded filters on B50 Zeiss objectives, but not the other way round.
Do you know of any online vendor who stocks uncommon adapters?

The only viable choice i could find is quite complex: use the filter reversed (it has female bajonet adapter at the front), fit it on a B50 to M52 ring, then attach the ring to a male-to-male M52 adapter. Lens of different diameter could use ANOTHER adapter ring.
I am not so sure about the outcome, i am afraid that the filter would be placed too far in front of the lens.
What do you think?

I would be double happy if i could find a way to fit the Softars on a Cokin P filter holder. Any suggestion involving no lathe work would be more than welcome

have fun


Bob Salomon
28-Jan-2012, 17:53
Heliopan 700331 adapts Bay 50 to 52mm screw-in, 700332 converts to 49mm.

Once you have one of these adapters you can then mount them to other adapter ring sizes. Both of the above rings are special order items. Deivery about 30 days.

Heliopan also makes adapters to convert Bay 60 filters to 55, 58, 62 or 67mm screw-in sizes.

John Koehrer
29-Jan-2012, 15:54
I understand "heavystar" carries many adapters. Have you searched for filter adapters either google or the bay?

since the "50" is the diameter of the filter you should be aware of possible vignetting.

gaffers tape. =@)

Mark Sawyer
29-Jan-2012, 18:23
I am not so sure about the outcome, i am afraid that the filter would be placed too far in front of the lens.
What do you think?

I think this is a real concern. The design of the Softar with its "lenslets" might make the spacing more critical than with the more common "smudge" filters.

I would consider taking the Softar out of its bayonet filter mount and putting it into a conventional filter mount. It would sand/grind down to the next smaller size easily since its made of a soft acrylic or something similar, but it scratches easily. Or perhaps a bead of epoxy around the edges to go into the next larger size filter mount.

Just thoughts...