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27-Jan-2012, 12:18
I am considering buying an estate kit of Sinar gear and have discovered an unusual type of shutter I've never seen before. On my own system, when I open the lens and adjust my aperture, I see the aperture blades move. On these estate lenses, with the lens open, the aperture doesn't open and close. But when I close the shutter I can see the aperture working from the back. The shutters are marked COPAL and WISTA. They have a silver shutter speed ring. I am wondering (1) what is this type of shutter called? (2) Are these shutters working properly? and (3) what kind of photographer uses a shutter like this? I am really interested in this lot of Sinar equipment, but I want to understand what I'm getting before I make an offer. I appreciate any information I receive. Many thanks.

27-Jan-2012, 12:55
It could be a Press Shutter (http://www.keh.com/camera/Large-Format-Shutters/1/sku-LF389991211750?r=FE)

Bob Salomon
27-Jan-2012, 14:45
This is the Wista Press Shutter and it should have an additional cable release socket that accepts a control cable from the back of some Wista cameras that automatically opens and closes the shutter for focusing and composing as a film holder is inserted or removed. Linhof had a similar set-up on their Kardan iew cameras equipped with the Linhof Auto Back which conneted to the Prontor Professional and Prontor Magnetic shutter systems.
Sinar also had an Auto Back feature and with the proper cable these shutters would also function on them.
The Wista shutters are currently made and are available in 0 and 1 sizes and a third shutter is offered with a 39mm Leica thread for enlarging and duplicating lens in Leica thread mount.
They do have a silver shutter speed ring. The current US prices for these shutters new are; $397.99 for the 0, $412.99 for the 1 and $479.99 for the version with Leica thread. They are all supplied as a shutter only without an aperture scale.

Does that help?