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27-Jan-2012, 02:36

Got a recent problem with my schneider 90mm lens. It is mounted on a Compur O shutter and has been working perfectly up until a couple of weeks ago when the bulb setting stopped working. It does open but on releasing the the shutter cable it will not close. The only way to close it is to change the shutter speed. I have had to take multiple 1 second shots on the same film to compensate for this. It works fine on all other speeds.

I had posted this on the Camera accessory forum by mistake and thought would try here...

Any ideas, on how to fix this problem? I live in France and there is no camera shops in the immediate vicinity that deal with large format...
Is it worth repairing or should I just buy a Copal 0 ?
Where could I send it for repair? preferably France or Europe??

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Ole Tjugen
27-Jan-2012, 02:55
It needs a CLA - "Clean, Lube and Adjust".

Schneider will do a perfect job, I think, or you could try to do it yourself.

27-Jan-2012, 06:20
Thanks Ole

Any ideas where I can get more information on how to do this myself?

Louie Powell
28-Jan-2012, 06:42
Babak -

What kind of cable release do you have? If you have a locking device on the cable release, make sure that it is fully released. A locked cable release can sometimes cause this problem.

29-Jan-2012, 05:50

no locking mech..
it does not seem to work without the cable release either..