View Full Version : Technika Lens Board for 135 Sironar

William D. Lester
24-Jan-2012, 10:53
What is the correct Linhof Technika quick release lensboard for a Rodenstock APO Sironar 135/5.6 lens? And is that a flat or recessed board? Will the camera close with this board and lens combination?

I peviously posted this in what was probably the incorrect forum. Thanks

Bob Salomon
24-Jan-2012, 11:13
Linhof's official recommendation for the 135mm Apo Sironar S is the 001015 Comfort recessed lens board. This is the board with all of the controls on the flat front face of the board. The camera will close with the 135 on this board. This is also the correct board for the 135mm Apo Sironar-N lens.

William D. Lester
24-Jan-2012, 11:19
As always, thanks Bob