View Full Version : Cokin"P" to Series VI?

Michael Higuchi
25-May-1999, 12:27
I'd like to use my Cokin Series P holder on my new/old Speed Graphic. The lens is a 135mm Graflex Optar, which I understand takes a 38mm Series VI slip-on filt er.

Specifically, I'd like to be able to use my 4x4 graduated ND filter, so if there is another holder/adapter available, well, that will work, too.

This forum has been a tremendous help to me as I make the jump to large format. I have to say, so far I love it! Thanks to all, and especially Phil G. for sta rting and maintaining this resource.

John O'Connell
25-May-1999, 15:39
I recently tried to get a Cokin "P" to 49mm adapter, and I was told it didn't exist -- they don't make one that small. I bought a 49mm-52mm adapter. There are squeeze-fit gel holders (Samigon?) in 4" size which you could probably tear down and combine with a Cokin holder, or modify to take the grads. The squeeze-fit holders are pretty cheap.

Howard Slavitt
26-May-1999, 00:22
I recently bought a Cokin P to 49 mm adapter from B & H. They do exist.

james mickelson
28-May-1999, 02:40
I also have a P-49mm ring. Works great on my 150mm-5.6 Fuginon. Also works on my 90-6.8 schneider.