View Full Version : moving a lens from a Sinar DB to normal shutter

22-Jan-2012, 12:16

It's easy for me to obtain a lens for super cheap in a Sinar DB doo-hickey. I have a shutter that will fit the lens.

What's it take to swap the glass over? Obviously I screw the lenses into the shutter but is there anything I need to do with the Sinar thing? And I'm guessing I'll need some shims for putting the new glass in new shutter... who do I contact? Finally, its easy enough to get a aperture scale right?


Dan Fromm
22-Jan-2012, 12:48
No shims needed. Unscrew cells, screw cells back in.

www.skgrimes.com scales shutters, not too expensive.

David Karp
22-Jan-2012, 14:18
Dan is right. If you can get the right shutter, with the proper scales, all it takes is to unscrew the cells from the DB mount and screw them into the shutter. I put Rodenstock Grandagon-N cells from a 90mm and also a 75mm f/4.5 into Nikon Copal shutters for the same focal length and max aperture lenses. They both work perfectly.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
22-Jan-2012, 15:43
If you don't have the right shutter it ill still work, BUT, you will have to figure out the true aperture settings. It was easy with my 150mm G-Claron because it was going into a shutter from a 75mm, f/4.5 lens. I just needed to double the f number. My 210mm f/5.6 Sinaron-S required more complicated math. It also went into a 75mm f/4.5 lens and my f stop multiplier is 2.8. f/4.5 becomes f/12.6. I have been keeping my eyes open for a scratched 210 in a good shutter to pick up cheap.

Ken Lee
22-Jan-2012, 16:16
You can also go the other direction: take a lens out of its shutter and mount it on a Sinar DB board. I use my Rodenstock 150 and Fujinon 240 like this: both ways.