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Michael Gaillard
22-Jan-2012, 09:37
Just bought a used P2 8x10, now in need of a lens...

I'm tempted to buy this, as it seems to be in extraordinary condition. But I ask about some price discrepancies I'm finding. I'd rather not get taken for a ride.

why is this starting at $600 and $798 buy it now:


and this $990:


and finally, this one, which is very much like the first, went for $228


Can someone explain these discrepancies and guide me?


Jim Jones
22-Jan-2012, 09:58
The last one actually sold. The first two had optimistically high starting prices, and no bids. Some sellers start with such prices in hopes that a buyer won't check completed auctions to determine realistic values. Until the item sells they relist the item over and over and over . . . .

Michael Gaillard
22-Jan-2012, 10:01
Right. I was using that last as an example of a much cheaper price. So you think even at 600, that is high?

Dan Fromm
22-Jan-2012, 10:02
There's no explaining eBay sellers' assessments of how much their items will bring.

Your first two links point to the same ended auction. The seller has relisted it at the same price.

Your third link points to a lens in DB mount on DB board. No shutter, it can be used as is only on a Sinar with a Sinar behind-the-lens shutter. You're invested in the Sinar system, learn more about it.

The first one is in a Prontor Professional #3. Not inexpensive, and the lens can be used on any camera.

22-Jan-2012, 10:09
seems a bit high. for a large 360 like that, you should be able to pick up something for $450 - $600. I got my Nikkor 360 W from this forum last year.

eBay sucks, I don't use it anymore unless as a last resort.

Gem Singer
22-Jan-2012, 10:17

Check the prices of previously owned lenses at www.keh.com.

KEH has a large selection, and frequently, their prices are lower than the prices on eBay.

Jim Galli
22-Jan-2012, 10:31
You're right, you can easily get taken for a ride. The combined knowledge available at this forum is an asset.

The Caltar lenses sold by Calumet in the 1980's - 90's in Copal shutters are excellent values. Caltar SII was a Schneider Krueznach and Caltar IIN was a Rodenstock. Another excellent lens when in Copal shutter is the Schneider G-Claron. There's a 270mm f9 in Copal on ebay just now. One of my all time favorites on 8X10, gives a 40mm - ish (on 35mm) wide field look on the 8X10. Covers 11X14, so lots of movements on 8X10.

22-Jan-2012, 12:53
The last one doesn't have a shutter, so obviously, it's worth less ... Or do I see it wrong from the pictures ?