View Full Version : Spring back screws for Pacemaker Graphic

22-Jan-2012, 03:49
Shooting at the US military cemetry in Normandy last week and PING one of the two tiny screws that hold the spring back on flew off when I put in a grafmatic.
Couldn't find it anywhere so finished shoot with Hassy Xpan.
I've spent all week hunting for a replacement screw, but no luck too small and(I guess) imperial ( hard to find in metric France)
Can anyone point me in the right direction, or better yet send me one(or two looks like a spare would be useful!)

22-Jan-2012, 06:09
when I replaced mine with the package I still have for reference--these screws were labelled as


so that's #4 size and 40 threads per inch

only metric there? too bad

22-Jan-2012, 11:43
Found and ordered some online
LFF saves the day again!