View Full Version : toyo linhof board?

tim atherton
13-Nov-2003, 18:27
I just bought a Linhof type board off ebay.

Works just fine, but it turns out to be a Toyo View made linhof style borad.

Just curious, when and why did/does Toyo make these?

13-Nov-2003, 18:35
I have two of them. Maybe Toyo figured they could make a huge profit from them and still charge 1/3 of what Linhof does!

Gem Singer
13-Nov-2003, 20:14
Hi Tim,

Toyo makes an adapter lensboard enabling Linhof-type lensboards to be used with their cameras. They also make the Linhof-type lensboards to go with the adapter. It seems that Linhof lensboards are very popular in Japan.

Frank Filippone
13-Nov-2003, 21:08
Nikon also made them ..... I guess because of the Nikkor LF lenses.

Andreas Schmidt
13-Nov-2003, 22:26
> Nikon also made them .....

Nikon still makes them. As well as Wista. Yes, Linhof type boards are by far the most popular ones in Japan and they're cheap here. New ones for about 25$, but you get used ones everywhere...

Steve Hamley
14-Nov-2003, 04:15

I also have a couple of Toyo Technika boards, and they seem as good or better than anything else. I wouldn't mind having a few more, anyone know a good (preferably cheap) source?



Walter Glover
15-Nov-2003, 01:59
I understand that certain Toyo cameras such as the 45 AII are now available with a choice of lens standards to accept either the regular Toyo 110mm square board or Linhof boards.

I might add that it has been my experience that some of these alternative Linhof panels made by the likes of Toyo and Horseman (should the PC version be Horseperson?) sometimes present difficulties when being mounted on actual Linhof cameras where tolerances might not be as forgiving. I have all my lenses mounted on Linhof panels and use Sinar and Toyo adapters to fit them to my non-Linhof cameras.

Is the Linhof MT panel the Esperanto of lens panels?? Looks like it!