View Full Version : J&C Classic 200 in F09/R09, developing times

Matt Miller
13-Nov-2003, 09:30
I'm planning to use J&C Classic 200 developed in F09 for 8x10 contact prints. J&C lists some developing times for the 1:40 & 1:100 dilutions. Does anyone use this film/dev combination? What's your experience with this combo?

ronald lamarsh
17-Nov-2003, 16:10
I would use their published figures to start with and see. I believe they also give times for PMK pyro and a host of others. I have never used their film but would make a bet that they are marketing what used to be Forte 200 and 400 based on their descriptions in which case it should be very good stuff. I asked them and they were very polite in saying they weren't allowed to say who actually produces it.