View Full Version : Which is the best option for de version the linhof Technika III

Ricarfdo Maydana
13-Nov-2003, 09:04
He would be appreciated they indicated the main differences among the version 2, 3 and 4 of linhof Technika, and which is the best option for de version.
On the other hand that version is the I number of series 31494.

Thank you Ricardo

James Driscoll
13-Nov-2003, 09:59
everything you need to know is here: http://www.cameraquest.com/techs.htm

Bob Salomon
13-Nov-2003, 10:17
Since no III still has parts or accessories available and since the lens standard will not tilt forwrad - only backwards the best choice is to not get a III and look for a IV or later. All current accessories - lensboards, ground glass, fresnel, etc. fit the IV. None fit the III. And the IV lens standard tilts forward and back.

Ricarfdo Maydana
13-Nov-2003, 14:07
For what I understand it is better to go to the pattern IV, since it is more flexible in the movement of the lens and it exists reserves in the market.

Emil Ems
17-Nov-2003, 09:04
My vote goes to the Technika III, the version with one focusing wheel. It weighs less than subsequent models. Furthermore, it is perfect for hand held shooting with the 90 mm wideangle lens (Angulon, for instance), since focusing does not have to be adjusted if the lensboard is raised. In addition, the Angulon, with sunshade, can be folded into the camera.