View Full Version : Using Sinar bag bellows as focusing hood

younghoon Kil
18-Jan-2012, 09:21
Somebody has tried to Sinar bag bellows as focusing hood for 4x5 Linhof Master Technika?
I have two Linhof Folding Focusing Hood and I can modify one for Sinar bag bellows.
Is it possible?..

If you have a good idea, Please let me know.
Thank you. :)

Frank Petronio
18-Jan-2012, 10:42
There is no obvious way to attach it to the folding focusing hood so you would have to invent an adapter.

Most people use the binocular viewing goggles on the viewer side of the Sinar bellows, it will snap into place. It has a magnifying lens that can be rotated into place for focusing.

Linhof also makes similar device that looks like a bag bellows with a monocular magnifier. I have not actually seen one and it may no longer be a current product.

younghoon Kil
19-Jan-2012, 09:56
Thank you for advice. ;-)

p.s. I want to make my own focusing hood like this.

● https://www.badgergraphic.com/store/images/products/5692.jpg