View Full Version : linhof mirror viewfinder on a tachihara 4x5

18-Jan-2012, 05:45
after buying a Tachihara 4x5 field camera which I really like I thaught that the Linhof miroor viewfinder would be compatible wit this camera.
Does someone know how I can get this to work with this camera? Is there an adapter?

Thanks for your support



Bob Salomon
18-Jan-2012, 05:53
First you have to make sure that the gg frame on your camera isn't smaller then the bottom of the Linhof finder. Then you have to drill a hole on the bottom inside of the GG frame on each side to accept the Linhof's pins. Then you need to find the post that the Linhof attaches to at the top of the GG frame and drill and mount the pin. Then you need to find a pair of shim washers that are supplied with the Linhof finder to adjust the pin to your Linhof finder.

Or sell you camera and get a IV to Master.

And to get full use out of the reflex finder you must have a Fresnel installed.

There is no adapter.