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17-Jan-2012, 11:14
First of all , i have no relation with this site but i think it could be intereseting for some
forum members.
this is the link:

17-Jan-2012, 13:21
Anyone has any experience with those?

Armin Seeholzer
17-Jan-2012, 13:32
Yes I have it but still prefer my Combiplan, but I use it when I only have around 6 sheets and also some rolls of 35 or 120 to develop bevor or after!
It works good but I'm much faster on the Combiplan because to fill up the negs into the holder is a bit tricky on the mod. 54, but I should use it more then I could do it also faster!

Cheers Armin

17-Jan-2012, 13:33
yes, any experiences??

Lachlan 717
17-Jan-2012, 14:18
These have been covered in other threads.

13-Sep-2012, 11:55
prado333 simply meant he has no relation to "mod54". Nice try newbie.

13-Sep-2012, 13:31
Yea the guy who uses and sells these is a member on this forum. And i can tell you from considerable testing and use they work great. I had a minor problem with my first one and there was a quick replacement at my door at no charge. Here is a video of a paterson tank with a "collar" rolling on my Beseler. I have since fitted the roller "collar" without the noisy seam. I have sold all of my very very expensive Jobo stuff and do everything with a Paterson tank.

The MOD54 is a tremendously useful product.... Kanco if you hear of any product that is as useful as a MOD54 please feel free to share... This product has changed the whole way i do 4x5 film developing. vinney give the guy a little break ... LOL he probably is not from michigan like you and i (lansing) here.


13-Sep-2012, 19:20
If you have no link with this site...what are you doing here????no i did not visit...thanks for sharing

Yikes. Welcome to the forum. :confused: