View Full Version : Which MacPros work w/ IQSmart Scanners?

Brian K
17-Jan-2012, 04:58
I just got the current MacPro ( model 5.1, mid 2011 release) because I was told by my local Apple store rep that it still came loaded with Snow Leopard. It did not and it does not allow you to load Snow Leopard properly because there's a firmware change as well. So I can not use it with my IQsmart 3 and oxygen 2.6.4 (snow Leopard version). Who is using Oxygen and on how current a MacPro?

I am considering returning this MacPro and getting the previous model 4.1 but I need to make sure that it will work with Oxygen.


John Brady
17-Jan-2012, 06:22
Hi Brian, I am on the road so I don't have exact specs for you, I know I am running 10.5.8 on my Mac dual quad core. I think I have the last version of oxygen that works with tiger. I am getting ready to install lion but will keep tiger as a separate bootable drive when I need to run my iq2.

If I were you I would keep the computer you just got and buy a separate Mac pro running the operating system compatible with your version of oxygen. There is a company on eBay selling refurbished for about $250.


17-Jan-2012, 06:27
We know, for a fact, that the oXYgen will not work with OSX 10.7. You must have an OS that supports PPC apps, which was last supported in OSX 10.6.x by way of Rosetta.

I have heard of people able to make SL work with the new 5.1 MPs by removing the hard drive and reformatting it in a older MP and installing SL version 10.6.8. It has to be 10.6.8 or later because of the identifier. It will not boot with SL versions below 10.6.8. There is a chance that you could forego removing the drive if you have a SL installation disk of 10.6.8, but in my research no one had this disk to prove out this theory.

Currently, you cannot even run SL in a VM environment within OSX 10.7 and successfully use oXYgen because VM Fusion or Parallels do not yet support FireWire pass-through. You can install the software, but you will not have communication with the scanner.

Once you have SL installed, by way of version 10.6.8, you should be able to communicate with the IQSmart and properly use oXYgen 2.6.4.

If you do get your new MP working with SL and have problems with oXYgen 2.6.4, please let us know.


18-Jan-2012, 04:12
I have a MacPro 5,1 that came with Snow Leopard (It's running Lion now, and I'm running the iQsmart2 with My old Mac Mini with tiger) I also have Oxygen 2.6.4 but I keep the Mini for Scanning which is sharing the same screen :)
Check the CDs that came with your MacPro and reformat your drive and preform clean install (It might work just a wild guess)