View Full Version : Ilex 90mm F8....anyone used this lens ?

Leszek Vogt
16-Jan-2012, 20:51
Hi, I was just wondering what sort of 90 this could be ? It's listed as Ilex Calumet (Caltar ?) 90mm F8. From what I'm gathering is that sooner or later the shutter will go crapola on me. Would it be worth changing shutter ("0")....or should I wait for a buy where the lens works flawlessly ? I have enough door stoppers.:)

Thanks for your help.


PS No idea why the smiley imecon jumped to the title ? Who designed this ?

Dan Fromm
17-Jan-2012, 06:58
What's the price?

It is effectively a 90/8 Super Angulon, even though designed in Rochester, has a tiny bit more coverage. I have a 65 Ilex that is very good.

17-Jan-2012, 07:28
great lenses.

what shutter is it?

Lynn Jones
17-Jan-2012, 10:30
Hi Les,

I worked for Calumet at the time and shot the first photos aver made with it in 1966. It was known as a WA Paragon, WF Caltar, B&J Acugon, and BBOI Veri-Wide. It covbered 103 degrees, was designed in 66 created as better and less expensive the SA. Infact is was so good that Schneider created the 8 element f 5.6 SA to better compete. I still use one with the B&J name (yes I worked for Calumet, B&J, and BBOI). The WF Caltar was available only in 90mm (Calumet's Choice), but the other three name lenses were available in 47mm, 65mm, 75mm, and 90mm.


Leszek Vogt
17-Jan-2012, 12:39
Thanks for responding.

The price is $25; therefore, I presumed the shutter is toast. I haven't had a chance to see the lens in person. Actually, I'd prefer to get something wider since I prefer something closer to 24mm (35mm equiv). Sorry, that's my only my measuring stick, since I operated on that level for around 40 yrs. Anyway, 90mm would tie me over for a while as I only have 210.

The shutter name sounds like it's from Russia....Shuks-something...?


Dan Fromm
17-Jan-2012, 14:21
Seiko. They're good shutters.

Buy it! If it comes to that, Copal #0s don't cost that much.

18-Jan-2012, 09:13
yeah you cant loose at that price