View Full Version : What diameters are your barrel lenses?

John Kasaian
16-Jan-2012, 14:28
The one with flanges that have disappeared or are impossible to find?

Richard Rankin
16-Jan-2012, 14:52
The ones just here on the table, diameter at the threads:

48mm, 53mm, 62mm, 52mm, 52mm, 60mm, 56mm, 48mm, 60mm, 53mm, 58mm, 66mm, 57mm, 42mm, 28mm

16-Jan-2012, 20:06
My biggest is 98mm and no flange for it. But I think I finally found a safe way to mount it with no flange.

Ole Tjugen
16-Jan-2012, 22:24
That's what an Universal Iris mount is for.