View Full Version : Shen Hao FCL 8x10 Rear Stop Fix

14-Jan-2012, 10:33
I have not seen mention of this issue before, but the little sliding stops that allow one to perfectly place the rear of the Shen Hao FCL 810 perpendicular to the bed can get in the way of a film holder if you have 'just a little' rear tilt.

If you have a lot of rear tilt the levers are out of the way and if you are perpendicular the levers are pushed in and out of the way. But in the case of 'just a little' rear tilt, you can't push the levers in far enough to clear the film holder.

I fixed this by taking some metal off the lever as seen in the picture.

My camera is from 2009. I wonder if newer cameras addressed this issue.