View Full Version : 210 mm coverage actual vs listed

Steve Hamley
10-Nov-2003, 07:35
I've recently acquired a Goertz 8-1/4" late coated dagor with the gold rim (not gold dot) in a set of lenses purchased from a local pro who used it for 8x10. The references I've found list the image circle of the gold dot Dagor 8-1/4" as 294 mm, and I assume mine is similar, but the listed image circle for a Schneider Apo-Symmar 210 is 305 mm. Is there any reason coverage-wise to keep the Dagor other than a trade for a 210 mm Angulon or maybe f/9 Computar?



10-Nov-2003, 08:35

Coverage depends on more than just focal length. The Dagor and Apo-Symmar are different formulas, the latter being a much newer lens. Have you tried the Dagor for what you need? See what kind of images it produces; I'll bet you'll want to keep it. If not, I know someone who'd want to buy it! ;-)

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
10-Nov-2003, 12:11
According to my 1954 brochure, the 8.25" Golden Dagor at f/45 will cover 87 degrees, or a 10x12 sheet of film, with an image circle of about 390mm.

Řyvind Dahle
13-Nov-2003, 10:40
I have read that my 210 Apo-Symmar can be used with 1cm tilt on a 8x10" @32. Compare the lenses and decide on what you like, they will not be much different on a contact copy, except maybe in the corners.

So I have stopped looking for another lens to use on a self built 8x10" back on my Bender.