View Full Version : Is there such thing as a film holder format reducer (5x7 to 4x5)?

Paul Schilliger
10-Nov-2003, 03:06
Is there such thing as an adapting holder that would allow inserting a 4x5 film holder in a 5x7 spring back? This could be more convenient and lighter than having to carry and switch backs when shooting both formats (with perhaps the downside of an off centred frame, not too bad for these two formats) ? The cassettes have the same groove size, so this should be technically possible... Has someone seen this? Would it be asking too much if this adapter could also take a QuickLoad holder? Or even a Sinar 6x12? Yeah, I know... I still believe in Father Christmas!

Paul Schilliger
10-Nov-2003, 03:55
You are right, Armin, I just found it on the Linhof catalogue #001558. But it says: Reduzier-Kassette 13x18 aud 4x5, nur für Polaroid 545. Not quite Christmas yet...

Andrew Crump
10-Nov-2003, 05:05
I saw on the German E*y some time ago a shoe like adaptor for polaroid 545 to fit 13 x 18 back presumably that would take a quickload holder as well you can also find /make reducers from the 5x7 holders ,I have some that reduce from 5 x 7 to 1/4 plate

David A. Goldfarb
10-Nov-2003, 06:03
Toho Shimo makes reducing holders that hold smaller holders. I know they have two styles of 8x10"-to-4x5", not sure about 5x7"-to-4x5".

Paul Schilliger
10-Nov-2003, 06:33
David, you were on the right track! I found this page on Toho's site:


But the 5x7 to 4x5 adapter seem to accept only standard holders and no QuickLoad. Maybe Jeff at Badger would know. Any experience, someone?

James Driscoll
10-Nov-2003, 07:01
The Linhof holder pops on Ebay quite often...the seller (it is always the same one on usa EBAY) is very knowledgable and will probably know if it will work.

The other solution, is to purchase 5x7 plate holders and than look for reducing sleeves to hold 4x5 film. This were made until the 1960's as they are listed in my Sinar Catalog from 1963. They show reducing inserts for 6x9cm, 9x12cm, 4x5, 10x15cm, 5x7 (the plate holder is 13x18-slightly bigger than 5x7 which is rounded off in the catalog to 12x16.5 cm)

The only person I know of, who would possibly have the above holders is www.glennview.com....but he is a little on the pricey side.

10-Nov-2003, 09:40
hi paul:

i have a toho 5x7 to 4x5 reducing back. it works really well and was worth every penny and months i had to wait for it to be shipped. badger graphic has to special order these from the factory. it works perfectly with standard 4x5 film holders, but it is about 1 /32 too narrow on each side to accept a polaroid/ ready load holder. toho makes the same reducing back that works just with those holders. my remedy was to take a file and remove 1 / 32 from each side. it makes using a lens with a "studio shutter" that much easier, since i can now make "polariod proofs" before committing the image to 5x7 film...


Christopher Condit
10-Nov-2003, 11:14
John, if you don't mind saying, how much did it cost?

10-Nov-2003, 11:33
hi chris;

to me, it it was kind of pricey - i think about $300 (my receipt isn't infront of me but in the "shoebox" in the basement : )) - i don't have a lot of disposible income so it kind of took a bite ... but considering that it would have cost at least that much for a custom piece to be made by steve grimes (he and i talked about making one last winter) we both realized that it would have been more expensive to "re-invent the wheel".

just the same, i am very happy with it and it is a lot easier to just bring the back along with a few holders, and have a 2nd option / second format / polaroid at hand.


Paul Schilliger
10-Nov-2003, 11:50
Since the Linhof adapter might not jump to my eyes, and is possibly not adapted to the QuickLoad holder, it is probably safer to go the Toho route unless one comes up soon. On the factory website, they do not mention a 5x7 to QuickLoad adapter. Maybe they have it but don't tell about it. I'll ask Jeff. The Toho adapter is not inexpensive though! But a format kit isn't either. Thanks for all the infos!

Andrew Crump
10-Nov-2003, 16:42
I found this http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2962648762&category=8277 they dont seem to fetch to much

Paul Schilliger
11-Nov-2003, 00:39
Hey, thanks Andrew! Not too expensive at the moment. But now I can see the flaw with this concept: it does not keep the plane of focus (film stands one or two mm backwards). This is probably not required for a pola made only to check the exposure. I think the Toho is better in this regard.

Andrew Crump
11-Nov-2003, 02:58
I think you could just put a shim between the 5 x 7 ground glass carrier ,when focusing, of a size equal to the change in registration by using that polaroid adapter-they may have been supplied orginally with one.

Paul Schilliger
8-Dec-2003, 01:26
I missed the cheap one on Ebay because I was still sleepy at two in the morning and reacted too late... but bought a used Linhof adapter that a kind person had directed me to (like new, available and much cheaper than the Toho) from Badger. Jeff had told me that it should fit and yes, the Fuji QuickLoad fits perfectly in it, couldn't be better. There is 1mm of focus shift. I will make some sort of cut window insert to compensate for the focus shift while adjusting, as Andrew suggested. Thanks to All for your help!