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13-Jan-2012, 20:53
Hi folks

I'm looking at a 4x5 Linhof Technika on ebay. The seller has provided scant information about the camera, but says that the serial number is 37379.

From the picture, I think it's a Technika IV.

But, as far as I can tell from reading other sites, NO Technikas were manufactured with serial numbers between 37105 and 49,999 (inclusive).

What conclusions should I draw, apart from the obvious one that the seller has made an error?

I presume that the serial number is on the shoe. Could it have been changed?

The seller seems to have a good ebay record, but I've been singed a couple of times with goods not being as described.

Thanks - Dario

Bob Salomon
13-Jan-2012, 22:13
Not a listed Humber for a post WW II Technika make sure he is giving the camera',s serial number

14-Jan-2012, 03:01
Thanks Bob. I've noticed that you have answered innumerable questions of this sort over the years, and I'm sure many people appreciate your efforts as much as I do.

It surprises me that a complete set of numbers is not available from Linhof and also that no one seems to have constructed a definitive list elsewhere on the web.