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13-Jan-2012, 17:44
So it seems there was another lens with this little grab bag of goodness. It is a Voigtlander & Sohn Euryscope III 4A with a serial number in the low 40,000 area. Unfortunately no pics if it before it was packed. I was told it was in very nice shape no weird stuff going on with the glass.

I was just wondering if anyone has the scoop on this type of lens. I know its big, over 6 inches tall and at least 2.5 across the glass.

I do not have it here yet and it wont get here until next week some time, just wanted to find out more about it.

Man this was one hell of a day!

Louis Pacilla
13-Jan-2012, 21:50
Here ya go.

Congrats btw!

I have a Series III 6A. A very nice lens.

14-Jan-2012, 00:09
I also have a Series III 4a, though about 9,000 serial numbers before yours. It covers 5x7 nicely... still never tried it on 8x10. I'd be hard pressed to sell it. If I did, it wouldn't be cheap.

14-Jan-2012, 08:05
Thats what I am worried about that it will not cover 8x10. I do not have any cameras that collapse far enough to really work with this lens.

So I have to debate buying a camera that can work with this shorter focal length or just sell the lens. So its either make money or spend it.

Do you have any images you shot with it?