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13-Jan-2012, 13:08
If im the wrong forum area, please do not remove my message, and transfer me to the right forum , im new here .
Sorry for my bad english , English is not my primary language.

Whould like to know about my camera , Who is the manufacture , What year it is , and the price please.
The only thing i know is that the lense is from voigtlander , and the model is Helier 1:4,5 . F=36 c.m
I think that the camera isn't very old (re-production) , and it is possible from the company "Norka"

Thank you for the help .

Steven Tribe
13-Jan-2012, 13:21
Dear Tomzil!
I think you live in Europe. This is a Continental Studio (Atelier) Camera and dedicated
Stand from probably 1900 to 1925. Most makers were in Gřrlitz, Germany. Not all cameras can be identified with a specific maker.
Size is almost certainly 18x24cm but it has a modified back for a smaller format (1/2 plate or 13x18cm?).
The sliding back locking system looks a lot like the Century/Folmer/Kodak Eastman.
- an adaption?
The stand looks very familiar to me so I will check my books. I have added an extract from a 1934 catalogue. There are same differences to yours but essentially the same design.
The Heliar was a very common fitment to these cameras.
You ask about value. I hope you are not here just to prepare a sale?
Heliar - you can get a value by looking at e**y completed sales.
The market for studio sets is reasonable - but spread out over the world.
Which means transport costs is the problem! These are often virtually given away for a symbolic amount (150-200usd?) as transport will cost much more!
This obviously doesn't apply to the 360mm Heliar.
The camera looks to be in good condition with original (or makers replacement) bellows.
If you check LFPF here with a search for görlitzer - you find quite a long thread with photos.

13-Jan-2012, 13:30
First of all , thank you very much for the fast comment ,and answering some of my questions.
please let me know if you know any more information after you will check in your books, Thank you.

Steven Tribe
13-Jan-2012, 13:44
I have added to my first reply!

The camera is "piped up" for an internal shutter which is behind the lens board - if it is still there.

Sorry - a search for Kügler will find the thread. Post # 20 shows a similar set/stand which Gandolfi has.

14-Jan-2012, 06:21
Thank you for the new comment.
I deffently not gonna sale it , im an art collector , and i live in Israel , its very hard and exspensive to find something like this here , and i just love it for the look of it.

14-Jan-2012, 20:41
I tried to make out the serial number on the Voigtlander Heliar lens. Looks like 888,xxx or 688,xxx or something. If 888,000 that would date at least the lens to around 1933.

Kent in SD