View Full Version : Early B-day gift (studio camera)

13-Jan-2012, 08:20
Today is a good day. So last night one of my family members calls and asks me a strange question about lenses (they know nothing about photography) Sadly I could not answer their question about the lens makers. I could tell they were sad on account of that.

I wake up this morning to an email titled "Early Birthday gift"

I open it up and find these pictures!!!! What a way to make me better after my surgery on monday!

So it seems to be a 2A, but I cant see the little circle on the front. But it does have the cabinet door ground glass and 3 backs two big lenses. A lot of plate holders some that snap into the back and some plate holders for spring backs as well.

See for me I am super excited, yet for my wife... not so much. We already have three studio cameras and this makes a fourth. Let alone all the other gear that comes with collodion.

So this may not be sticking around in my collection. Its honestly amazing. I have never seen one of these century cameras with the original plate back.

13-Jan-2012, 08:35
Wow... happy birthday to you!

Scott Walker
13-Jan-2012, 08:45
Happy birthday to you indeed!

13-Jan-2012, 08:46
Only catch is my wife says one of the cameras has to get sold. Four is just too many it seems. pics are here.

I have some thinking to do on which one will go... Not my 8A (11x14) for sure. But I do not need 3 8x10 studio cameras

13-Jan-2012, 09:43
Those cameras are coming out of the woodwork (no pun). This looks like a really complete one. Good present.

Mark Sawyer
13-Jan-2012, 10:48
Congratulations, what a great birthday surprise!

13-Jan-2012, 10:57
Likewise. One of the coolest cameras I have ever seen!

Ron Stowell
13-Jan-2012, 13:14
I think you should let the wife play with one of the big boys and then maybe she will catch the bug. just saying.

13-Jan-2012, 16:25
She does mess around with the big boys. She prefers the first century I got over the rest. There is really no need for 3 8x10 cameras and a 11x14 all on stands.

I am going to sell this one... just not yet. I have to do some research into the backs and other parts.

John Conway
13-Jan-2012, 17:02
Now that is a nice birthday gift. My wife gave up trying to figure out what I want for my birthday years ago. Enjoy.

13-Jan-2012, 17:29
Sadly I already set my mind to letting go of this one, since it was not my wife who bought this one for me. She bought me my 8A and 10A models. So someone else will get to enjoy it. But I did three nice lenses all big and brass and one whos name starts with a V and ends in lander!

Mark Sawyer
13-Jan-2012, 21:26
Hey, you've got the 8A and the 10A, and you're going to sell the 2A? You're only seven cameras short of having the whole series! GO FOR IT!!!

Vincent Pidone
14-Jan-2012, 08:40

Does your wife have a sister?

William Whitaker
14-Jan-2012, 09:07
I'd be crowing, too!