View Full Version : question on 47 Super Angulon

Juan Antonio F. Nieva
23-May-1999, 15:05
I would like to know if the Schneider 47 super Angulon will work on my Sinar F p lus, as I would like to have a 120 medium format ultra wide lens to use with my 120 roll film 6 x 7 backs. Will there be any difficulties in focusing Etc? Will movements be restricted ?( I currently have the mandatory Wide Angle bellows whi ch I use with my 90 Grandagon N.)Or is a 65 mm lens a wiser choice since its usable as a 4 x 5 lens and a not so wide 120 lens? I would greatly appreciate some answers. Thanks Bug Nieva,bugnieva@info.com.ph

Richard Stum / Kinesis
27-May-1999, 03:19
I have the regular 47mm (not the new XL), and use it with a Sinar P. I had a recessed lens board custom made to accomodate this short focal length lens. I did not try it without a recessed board, but I believe it is necessary. I have the 65mm lens too, and both standards are close to the center rail mount with a flat board at infinity, so I suspect the 47mm would not work on a flat board. I took a Cambo recessed board and dropped it into a Sinar flat board. The Sinar board had the center part machined out in a square shape so the Cambo board would drop in.

Ellis Vener
27-May-1999, 19:37
Another way to get the standards close enough together to use a short (65mm or less) focal length lens on a Sinar is to move the tripod collar behind the rear standard. It has been a while since I used a Sinar but as I remember you'll also need to use a recessed board to get the 47mm lens close enough to the film plane.

Juan Antonio F. Nieva
28-May-1999, 12:28
Thanks for the answers guys.I will probably have to get the recessed board, and move the Tripod collar behind the rear standards.As for the wide angle bellows I might just stick with Standard Bag bellows as I plan to use the lens for Roll film only. Juan Antonio F. Nieva/ bugnieva@info.com.ph