View Full Version : Does the Technika rangefinder work w/any lens?

11-Jan-2012, 10:38
If I were to get a Super Technika IV or Master Technika etc how do I make sure the rangefinder matches up with whatever lens is attached? Is the rangefinder adjustable for specific focal lengths or is there a special tool or part required?


E. von Hoegh
11-Jan-2012, 10:42
No. It works only with cammed lenses. The cam must match the lens AND body in case of the IV, the lens in case of the Master.

The ground glass will allow you to confirm focus.

Len Middleton
11-Jan-2012, 11:38
Note too there are some lenses that you cannot cam.

My 355mm Repro-Claron requires too much bellows draw at infinity for the rack rest in a place it can engage a cam. However a 360mm telephoto (lTele-Xenar?) design can be used with a cam.