View Full Version : 10" Tele-Optar Lens

Jeff Morfit
11-Jan-2012, 09:07
I am considering purchasing a 10" Wollensak Tele-Optar lens to use on my 4x5 Graflexes. How is the image quality with a Tele-Optar? Has anyone on this list ever used one of these lenses, and if so do you have anything that you can post. Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

Ron Stowell
11-Jan-2012, 10:53
I have had two different 10" tele Optars. These are portrait lens and can be a little soft as far as focus. For general purpose use they are a very good lens.
The last one I purchased unfortunately had a worn out shutter and by the time I was able to find a replacement shutter I was in a money losing situation; so I suggest that you look very hard at the price befor buying.
Unfortunately I'm away from by photo room now so I can't post photos taken with these lens.

Michael Graves
11-Jan-2012, 13:03
I have one in fairly good condition. The glass is clean and the shutter is good. I am generally pleased with the results when absolute sharpness is not the goal. As Ron says, they are a bit soft. It is a good all round lens for portraits. It is not my favorite for architectural shots. Which is good, because the image circle is really small.

E. von Hoegh
11-Jan-2012, 13:16
And front movements with a tele will make a saint swear. Rear movements are OK and do not place any demands on the tiny image circle.