View Full Version : developing times

7-Nov-2003, 23:50
Does anyone know what the developing times are for the kodak Tir-X 320 film using the JOBO?

David Richhart
8-Nov-2003, 03:21
Hi Stacey... here is what Kodak says, hope it helps. You didn't mention what developer you are using, and you may have to mess with the times a little to find what works for you. From what I have read on this forum, most people (myself included) reduce the times about 10%


Jeff Lentz
8-Nov-2003, 07:44
I use about 2.5 min for the tri-x and a little under that for the txp.(Not totally sure as I am at work right now away from my darkroom) this is for Tmax RS @ 68 degrees. Kodak has all the times on their webpage for rotary processors with their chemicals. I use that as a good starting point.


Andre Noble
8-Nov-2003, 11:58
Two and a half minutes is an awfully short time.