View Full Version : Question, for 8x10, about Nikkor 120mm & 210 macro lenses

9-Jan-2012, 20:43
This week, I plan to do a test with an 8x10 camera of Nikkor f/5.6 120mm and 210mm AM ED macro lenses. Given the coverage of the 120mm, the tests will be done at 2x magnification. I also plan to include a Doctar Tessar f/4.5 210mm lens (which has an image circle of roughly 250mm at infinity and f/22) in the mix, and for this test I plan to use the 210mm Nikkor and the Doctar 210mm at 1:1.

Any comments on the test, and thoughts on what to expect, would be appreciated.

9-Jan-2012, 21:13
Which 120 is that? If it is a 4x5 lens it will easily cover at 1:1.

The 120mm Nikkor AM-ED doesn't cover 8x10 at f/22 and 1:1. That's why I want to do the 120mm/210mm test of the macro lenses at 2:1.

A comment about the specs for dedicated macro lenses. Their coverage is expressed, not at infinity as is normally the case, but at 1:1. For example, the Nikkor 120mm AM ED macro lens will not cover even 4x5 at infinity, and given the range of magnification that it was made for, there is no reason why it should.

Anyway, looking for input on testing the two Nikkors and the Doctar in the range of 2 cm of film = 1 cm of subject to 1 cm of film = 1 cm of subject.