View Full Version : Rodenstock grandagon 90 6.8 recessed board linhof type

9-Jan-2012, 19:54
Anyone with a wista 45sp or vx or Linhof technika have the grandagon 90 mm f6.8 on a recessed board--especially a cheap Chinese board from eBay.

I see some outdated threads about some oem boards but now the cheap ones are readily available.

But not sure if a 20mm recess would work or be too deep. Also don't know how well the shutter cable extension bits work and if it will fit.

Anyone have a link to one that works well?

Robert Ley
9-Jan-2012, 20:08
I use a generic recessed board with a 90mm f:6.8 on a Wista VX. I got the board from Badger Graphics so it is not exactly like the Chinese boards but it is close. It works just fine although I use a bag bellows and it probably works better.

I have the same board mounted with a 75mm f:5.6 Super Angulon and it also works well with the VX and the bag bellows.

The Badger Boards have a cable release socket and a wire that works well in tripping the shutter but they are fiddly but once set they work well.

10-Jan-2012, 08:10
I have a Wista SP. I used one of the cheap Chinese 11 or 13 mm recessed for a 65mm lens. I would think a 20mm recess would be a real pain. I did have to adjust the wire piece that goes from the cable release to the shutter release. I also noticed the lens hole was off center (lower right). If you have the bag bellows you should be able to use maximum rise on a 90mm lens with a flat lens board.

Noah A
10-Jan-2012, 08:26
I didn't have a 90mm when I used the Wista, only an 80mm and 110mm so I don't know if you really need a recessed board or not. With my Technika I use a 90/4.5 on a flat board. I get quite a bit of rise but not all that the lens can offer. But with the 80mm on the Wista I used a 19mm recessed lensboard from china via ebay, and it worked fine.

Of course recessed boards are a major pain in the neck since operating the lens controls is difficult. But the board worked as intended.

I sold that board with the camera a while back and recently bought another from the same seller (jinfinance or something like that). This time for a 75mm on a Technika. It fits fine, but the cable release socket was too large so that no cable release, even the one included with the board, would thread into it and stay put. The seller sent me two replacement sockets. One barely works, the other is useless since it's also too large.

If I had to do it again, I'd buy a linhof board or at the very least a knock-off from badger, since at least they'll be able to fix any problems you may have.