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9-Jan-2012, 17:14
Hi everybody!!

I've been using LF cameras since I discovered the wide movements and techniques I could use with that kind of cameras. Right now I would like to use my digital Hasselblad back (an H3D-39) on a technical camera, but I've found that the price for that kind of cameras is very high (like Alpa, Horseman or Cambo), and there are not good bargains on the second hand market. I have spare parts from an old Sinar P2, so I'm planning to do a little experiment with it. The main problem with it is that I would like it to have a vertical shift movement too, and I'm trying to find moveable lensboards on the web. I also need someway to move the lensboard away from the sensor plane in order to achieve focus (I will buy an helical focus ring ...), but I only find recessed lensboards, which is the oposite of what I'm looking for. A Sinar Handy type of lensboards would be perfect.

Could someone help me with it? This is driving me crazy and my wife is starting to think if she did the right thing when she married me ... :)

Thanks a lot!!


Mark Woods
9-Jan-2012, 17:38
Can you invert the recessed lens board? Just a thought.

Dan Fromm
9-Jan-2012, 19:21
Not to be a complete idiot, but don't technical cameras have focusing racks built-in? What am I missing? Which technical camera do you have in mind?

10-Jan-2012, 02:48
Hi Mark. I've thought about an inverted recessed lensboard, but the thing is how to be able to do vertical shifting.
Dan, the type of camera I have in mind is the Sinar Handy or modern Cambo wide, Alpa's, ... etc. They have helical focusing rings instead of moving bellows ...

Tim Meisburger
10-Jan-2012, 05:32
I'm not sure if I understand this, but if you already have an LF camera, this is what I would do. Pop the back off. Make two new back frames with openings the size of your digital back. Mount the digital back to one, and a correctly sized ground glass to the other. pop on the ground glass back and focus, the switch it for the digital back and shoot. Or, if the digital back has a view screen on the back, then you just need one back for the camera.


10-Jan-2012, 07:51
what about a Flexbody? http://harrysproshop.com/Hasselblad_Flex/hasselblad_flex.html or an arcbody? http://harrysproshop.com/Hasselblad_Arc_/hasselblad_arc_.html

I've seen the Flex on the 'bay for around $1700.

10-Jan-2012, 10:41
What I need is shifting on the front panel, not on the rear. And the Flexbody is a good option, but it creates new difficulties, like converting the Hasselblad "V" mount on the rear to accept "H" backs, and modifying the lens screw on the front to use Rodenstock or Schneider copal 0 lenses ... :(

10-Jan-2012, 14:26
What about fotoman?


Specifically: http://www.fotomancamera.com/product/2006913104929SA-612-lg.jpg

Or the SK Grimes custom job: http://www.skgrimes.com/products/exclusive-products/shifting-mounts-for-the-betterlight-scanning-back

FYI - the Grimes shift adapter is made for Sinar