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Catherine T
9-Jan-2012, 02:39
I a m new on this forum and I live in France. I have a problem with my rodenstock sironar 18O mm for my 4x5 camera.
Shutter speed don't seem to work anymore (haven't used my vew camera for the past 15 years) and I guessed it's the compur battery attached to the lens which is out. Anybody can help? Is it still possible to find spare parts? Where?

Dan Fromm
9-Jan-2012, 07:51

Gerard Metrot (Photo Suffren) is highly recommended on the French LF form http://www.galerie-photo.info/forum/

9-Jan-2012, 23:42
If you have a electronic compur shutter, the you will likely only need a battery.
If the battery has been sitting in the shutter for 15 years, it may have leaked. Make sure to clean out any corrosion from the inside of the battery compartment.

9-Jan-2012, 23:43
Oh and welcome back!