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8-Jan-2012, 20:59

I am new to both LF photography and to this forum as well. I was curious about the diameter of a Sinaron S 210mm MC lens, made by Rodenstock as indicated on the barrel. I made a mistake and thought this lens was the same as a Sironar S and thus believed it used 72mm filters, as noted on the LF 4x5 lenses specs page. To my surprise I realized the two lenses are not the same, as the 72mm filter I had purchased for it was too big. I did some research and read in a couple threads that the Sinaron S is actually the same as the APO Sironar N or Caltar II N. However, the 4x5 lens specs chart for the Sironar N say it uses 58mm filters, which I have and a are too small for this. I have 67mm filters for my DSLR and took a chance to see if they fit, and they do. So the Sinaron S 210mm MC (rodenstock) lens I have is actually 67mm, not 58mm as stated for the APO Sironar N. So I guess my question is, is this a different lens or is it just an error on the chart? Now I'm wondering if the rest of the information for the APO Sironar N is the same for this one. Thank you for your help!



Oren Grad
8-Jan-2012, 21:33
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The linked table is incorrect on that point. Per Rodenstock's literature, and confirmed just now by measuring mine, the filter size for the 210 (Apo-)Sironar-N is indeed 67mm.

8-Jan-2012, 21:43
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Like Oren said, it's definitely 67mm. I measured my 210mm non-apo Sironar-N just to be sure, and checked several Rodenstock docs.

One possible source of the error...
The 180mm Sironar-N (the next smaller lens in the series) takes 58mm filters.

- Leigh

8-Jan-2012, 23:05
Thank you for confirming that.