View Full Version : Show and Tell in Jackson Heights

8-Jan-2012, 18:27
So this morning David Solow, John Sanderson and I got together in Queens to play mix and match with David's Technika 3000 and 229mm Cooke Portrait lens and my Arca-Swiss 4x5 and a 240mm Nikkor. All in aid of checking out David's new camera and Cooke with a nifty gizmo/target called LensAlign.

Worst moment:

Given that we decided to do the tests outdoors, the fact that we didn't do it yesterday, when it was 63F/17C in New York

Best moments:

John doing a run on his bike to get bagel sandwiches and coffee around about the time when it was becoming apparent that there is a distinct difference between 63F and 41F

The seven year old who wished us Happy New Year but felt compelled to point out that we and our cameras looked quite silly

Three people, also known as too many chefs, ranging from near sighted to far sighted, and with different eyeglass prescriptions and using different loupes, discussing the question of whether a particular part of the bloody LensAlign target was in sharp focus

Kind of fun actually, and enjoyable to spend a few hours with a couple of other people who enjoy the medium. More to come from David, when he gets the film processed in the next couple of days, on the results.

Check out David's and John's web sites: