View Full Version : Kodak Ektar 152mm lens mounting ring and caps

Steve Feldman
8-Jan-2012, 16:38
I have a, new to me, Kodak Ektar 152mm lens in a Supermatic X shutter. About 1948 vintage. It came without a mounting flange ring and no caps or hood. The nearest I can measure, it should take a 44.5mm mounting ring and the same for the front and rear caps. I'm unable to find this size accessory. So, is my measurement correct? Or should I try a Series VI adapter and bend the tangs out or a Series VII and bend the tangs in to slip on?

Any advice appreciated.


Martin Dake
8-Jan-2012, 16:53
This may help...


8-Jan-2012, 19:41
My 152mm Ektar came with a Series VII adapter and lens hood and it slips on just fine, no bending needed.

Dan Fromm
8-Jan-2012, 20:19
Steve, Rochester didn't do metric threads.

See here for off-the-shelf and custom: http://www.skgrimes.com/products/mounting-flanges